Tuesday the 1st of October 2013

September 30, 2013 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Strength Push press 3rm *Heavier then last weeks 5rm if possible   WOD “Cindy” 20min AMRAP of: 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 air squats   Or (if you have done cindy a few times and can do the following movements)   “Mary” 5 HSPU 10 pistols (alternating) 15 pull ups


Monday the 30th September 2013

September 29, 2013 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Attention to all those who wish to compete in the comp in Hobart please register tonight as entry fees go up tomorrow… It's going to be an awesome comp, be sure to get around it…   Strength Back squat 3×3 *Heavier then last week   Conditioning A) 3min of: 10 hang power cleans 70/50kg In […]


Friday the 27th September 2013

September 26, 2013 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Strength Back squat 5rm or 3rm *Heavier then last week. Stick with the 5rm if you are able to add weight and make reps other wise switch to a 3rm if that allows you to add weight from last week   Conditioning 21-15-9 of: Front squats 70/50kg Burpee Sit ups   Additional work Weighted strict […]


Thursday the 26th September 2013

September 25, 2013 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Great article talking about nutrition for performance.. Mainly talking about carbs.. http://eatercise.com.au/?p=543   WOD A) 1,000m row for time AHAP   B) 10x 100m farmer carry 2×32/24kg Rest 1min between sets   Score is time on the row then fastest and slowest times on farmer carry *Men will have 32kg KB in each hand and the […]


Wednesday the 25th September 2013

September 24, 2013 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Strength 10 minutes to find a 1rm power clean   Strength/conditioning B) EMOM for 20 minutes Odd- 5 power cleans (T&G) 75% of above Even- 8 Toes 2 bar   Additional Work A) Bent over rows 8-8-8-8 *Perfect form. Bar must hit chest on each rep without hitching or jerking it up   B) Work […]