Open Box: Saturday the 31st May 2014

May 30, 2014 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Open box as normal 10am Come in and do a catch up WOD. Work on skills etc Comp Weightlifting Snatch 1rm in 15min   Clean and jerk 1rm in 15min   Conditioning/skill 5 rounds for time of: 2 legless rope climbs 15 pistols


WOD: Friday the 30th May 2014

May 29, 2014 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

GPP Strength Front squat 5rm *Get after it……   Conditioning 3 rounds for time of: 20 wall balls 9/7kg 15 burpee box jumps on and over 24/20” 10 strict pull ups* *If you can do over 10 then to strict c2b   COMP Strength A) Back squat 3×5 *Heavier then last session by 2.5kg   […]


Thursday the 29th May 2014

May 28, 2014 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Onto nutrition again. Here is a simple picture outlining how to eat. I'll be printing out copies of these for when new members sign on as well as for all current members to take home and put on the fridge.  I would personally make a few changes here and there depending on your goals etc […]


WOD: Wednesday the 28th May 2014

May 27, 2014 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

GPP Strength Press 3×5 *Heavier then last time   Weightlifting 3rm hang snatch *If you struggle with the ohs then you’ll spend time building up to a 3rm ohs or just practice getting better at ohs.   COMP Weightlifting 12min to find a 1rm 3 position snatch (floor, hang, hi hang)   12min to find […]


WOD: Tuesday the 27th May 2014

May 26, 2014 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

GPP  Strength Deadlift 5rm   Conditioning 10-1 of: Hang power cleans 60/40kg Over bar burpees                 COMP   Skill/conditioning 4 rounds not for time of: 8-12 UB t2b 10-16 pistols 5 TNG Power snatch (heavy) *Build each set on the PS. Focus on moving smoothly, breathing and being […]