WOD: Saturday the 31st January 2015

January 30, 2015 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

GPP   Warm up/skill We will spend some time with bar in hand going over the clean and jerk to break it down for you. Then start warming up to a heavy-ish double and begin work sets.   Weightlifting Clean and jerk 2-2-2-2-2   COMP   Weightlifting A) 1rm snatch   B) 1rm clean and […]


WOD: Friday the 30th January 2015

January 29, 2015 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

  GPP and Comp Conditioning Open WOD 13.2 10min AMRAP of: 5 shoulder to overhead 52.5/35kg 10 deadlifts 52.5/35kg 15 box jumps 24/20” *Today we will no allow step ups. Must be a box jump. *Get on to the CrossFit Games website HERE to compare to last time     COMP Finsher Row 10min *Same […]


WOD: Thursday the 29th January 2015

January 28, 2015 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

GPP Strength A) Press 3×5 *Start at 70% and add 1-2kg each week   B) 5xME strict tempo pull ups –rest 1:30 *3 sec hang, fast up, 3 sec chin over bar and 3 sec lower Comp If you trained Monday and you are training on Saturday, then today is a rest day. If you […]


WOD: Wednesday the 28th January 2015

January 27, 2015 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

GPP Strength Deadlift 5rm *Start at 75% of 1rm and add 2.5-5kg each week. Please be sure to get good warm ups sets in.   Conditioning 10min AMRAP of: 15 KBS 24/16kg 30 double unders     COMP Weightlifting Power snatch T&G 5-4-3-5-4-3 – rest 2-3min between sets *Second 5-4-3 heavier then first   Conditioning […]


WOD: Tuesday the 27th January 2015

January 26, 2015 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

GPP   Strength Back squats 3×5 *Start at 70% of your new 1rm and add 2.5kg each week   Conditioning 2 rounds for time of: 50 air squats 40 sit ups 30 burpees   COMP Strength A1) Push press 3×5 –rest :20 *Same weight across. Heavy as possible for the day   A2) 3×15-20 c2b […]