Member of the month June 2016

Tuesday, August 08th, 2017 / Articles, Athlete Testimonial, Member of the Month

Copy of Emma member of the month May 2017

Sam Townsend is the member of the month for June 2017.

I’m behind on posting this, but that doesn’t matter. This guy has been busting his ass daily for years now. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him complain, whine or make an excuse. He has improved in leaps and bounds and for all that, he deserves to be acknowledged for his awesomeness!!!!!!


When and why did you start training with us here at CrossFit MSD?

I started training here in February 2015. Before I started I was doing my own training at home but not really getting anywhere, just bench, curls and running when I felt like it. Then Ryan started telling me about Crossfit and convinced me to join up and I was hooked on it pretty quickly and never left.

What have you achieved since training with us at CrossFit MSD?

Lots of things. My whole view on fitness has changed since starting. I have gotten stronger in every way. My mobility has improved heaps from not being able to overhead squat the bar to be able to do 100kg. When I started I couldn’t do a handstand push up or double unders so I have improved on all those skills too as well as just being a lot fitter.

Who is Sam away from the box? Work, hobbies, family life, etc

Sam is an electrician at Lion and has been there for almost 6 years now. I like to do crossfit, go bushwalking, stand up paddle boarding, cycling anything outside or in the water is me really. My family are all in Burnie and I am very close with them. I am the second oldest sibling and have 3 sisters.

Tell us a fun fact about you?

When I started crossfit I could bench more than I could squat and I dislike coming up with fun facts about myself.

What are your goals for the next year?

I want to really work on and improve my Olympic lifting. I would like to get better at my gymnastic movements and maybe start getting some handstand walks and just keep working to get stronger and fitter to see what I can do.