Thursday 31/05/2012

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Strength WOD

Back Squats



Be sure to come in with a plan. Warm up correctly then start to hit a the singles building up until you reach your heaviest 1rm for the day


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Want to OWN it in the bottom of a squat?

This is a great prep for owning the bottom position of your back squats today. Actually this is great for owning the bottom position in any squat. Front squat, squat snatch, squat clean, Overhead squat etc. It is getting you in the position where you need to be and allowing you to get your torso upright and vertical. A perfect squat. So if you struggle in owning it on the bottom of the squat get into this before the classes 🙂

Remember every time you don't squat bellow parallele god kills a puppy, kitten or something you care about that is cute. No joke this is scientifically proven!!! So don't ever shallow squat EVER!!!