WOD: Friday

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Myself, Aaron and Alif are heading down to hobart today to compete in the South of Town Throw Down on Saturday.. We are hoping to do a good job of repping CFMSD. 

Also note to the arvo crew, G will be coaching and will not be at the box till about 4.10 so if you are early go over to Don Don's and eat cheeseburgers (I'm joking, please don't do this) while you wait… Go for a job and start stretching etc while you wait.. 

Part A- Strength

15minutes to establish a 1rm Clean and Jerk

Part B- Conditioning

10minute AMRAP of:

5 hang squat cleans 70/50kg

10 push ups (hand release)

Score will be your weight for clean and jerk then your total completed rounds in AMRAP

Log results online (beyond the whiteboard)

This is an old video from the mobility WOD but this is a great mobility piece for Overhead position