WOD: Friday the 17th July 2015

Thursday, July 16th, 2015 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

CrossFit Class

Big strength session today. Come and get your pump on……


A) Press

3×5 @ 90% last weeks 5rm


B) Back squats

3×10 @ 110-115% of last weeks best 20rm

*Same weight across.


C) 3×10 barbell rows @ press weight

*Perfect form. Smooth and deliberate.


Comp group


Deadlifts 3×3

*Same weight across.


Gymnastics Conditioning

A. 3×3 Strict Deficit HSPU

B. 3×6 Kipping Deficit HSPU

C. 3×9 Strict HSPU

D. 3×12 Kipping HSPU




Clean and Jerk, 60/40



Barbell Conditioning

4 sets of:

8 UB Power Cleans

8 UB Front Squat

8 UB Jerks

-Rest 3min btw sets.

*You choose weight and build as needed. The prescribed weight is VERY heavy and I feel that you will get more from it this way.