WOD: Friday the 29th August 2014

Thursday, August 28th, 2014 / CFMSD Workout of the Day



Pendlay row

8-8-8-8 -rest 1:30

*PERFECT REPS. Don’t go to heavy. Smooth and deliberate on these please.



50 wall balls 9/7kg

Row 1km

-rest 2:00

50 wall balls 9/7kg

run 1km

*Score is total time including the rest break. Resting less then 2:00 isn’t being “tough” it’s cheating. Aim for big sets on the wall balls. UB is the goal



A) Press 5rm

1×5 @ 95%

1×5 @ 90%

1xME @ 85%

-rest 2:00 between sets

*If your 5rm isn’t more then last week don’t stress. This is the end of a big week.


B) Pendlay rows

8-8-8-8 – rest 1:30

*PERFECT form. No bouncing off the floor.



EMOM until you fail do:

3 front squats 80/55kg (no racks)

5 t2b

7 box jumps 30/24”
Cool down
15-20min of easy row or bike. Mix it up if you like. This is an easy flush out. Not a wod. But it is extra endurance work to a degree. focus on smooth pace and breathing. Should feel good after this.