WOD: Monday

Sunday, October 21st, 2012 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Congratulations to Aaron for winning the "South of Town Throw Down" on the weekend. It was a tight battle for first and second between myself and my training partner but the better man come up on top at the end. 

Alif came down also and represented CFMSD and done really well especially in a workout that I didn't think he would excel at. In this workout his score would have been among the top for the day and I am very proud as his coach to have seen that. 

Adam Hall who used to train with us and trains when he his in Burnie come third in an impressive performance and Micah Wade who has come back from his hernia surgery just missed out from finals so all in all a very impressive effort. 

Next comp that is on I highly suggest you all get down there. The event was well ran, everyone was really nice and it made for an awesome day. 

I would just like to thank everyone from CFL, CF42s, CFC and CFWX for putting on such an amazing event.. 

Part A

15minutes to find a 1rm Front Squat

Note- try going for a PB today. We have done some training to build up towards this so be confident and get after it

Part B

3 rounds for total reps of

1min Front squats 60/40kg

1min Push ups

1min Hang power cleans 60/40kg

1min Rest

Score will be total reps completed after the 3 rounds

Log results online (beyond the whiteboard)