WOD- Monday the 16th April 2012

Sunday, April 15th, 2012 / CFMSD Workout of the Day


Front Squats

3×5 to find your heaviest 5RM for the day


3×3 using your heaviest 5rm weight


Tabata the following movement


Bottom to bottom squats


Your score will be your lowest amount of reps achieved in the 8 efforts.


Post 5rm and score to comments

Warming up and cooling down?

When you get to the box early please don't just socialse. Please spend your time mobilising and warming up ready for the WOD. I know we allow for warm up time but if you wish to become a better athlete you need to start training like an athlete. Come in early and work on your mobility in areas that restrict your movements. E.G if you are not able to squat without rounding at the back you would obviously need to work on thoracic extension and possibly tightness in your hips/psoas area. We want you to have the best possible mechanic advantage and you can achieve this by mobilising points of restriction. 

Now the cooling down part.. I know a lot of you are very busy and need to leave ASAP some days but please try to spend at least 10min cooling down. Light jogging/rowing to bring heart rate and body temp back down then jump onto a roller for a few min and then start to stretch and mobilise. The better you cool down the faster you will recover, the faster you recover the harder you can then train. 

GOT IT??????