WOD: Monday the 18th August 2014

Sunday, August 17th, 2014 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Note: All atheltes who did the comp on the weekend I suggest you take it pretty easy today. Do the programming labled "post comp". If you are feeling good, do it anyway. If you want to do extra, work some weaknesses but DON'T OVER DO IT!!!


Pause back squats 3×5 @ 71%

*Add 2.5kg to last time


15min AMRAP of:

15 box jumps

15 KBS 24/16kg

15 KB lunges 24/16kg

:30 plank hold


Do the regular class again as a few athletes are recovering from the comp on the weekend. Those who didn’t compete do the following extra.


Hi hang snatch


*SPEED UNDER THE BAR….. Pop and drop FAST.

Post Comp

A) 5×3 back squats @ 65% (no pause, move as fast as possible. Really move that bar)


B) Build up to a tough 2rm hi hang snatch



:30 row @ 90% effort

:30 rest

:30 row @ 90% effort

rest/walk 200m

x10 sets total.

*Goal is to pick a pace and hold that pace on the rower and the bike. E.g 1:40 and 75rpm. Make it challenging but maintainable