WOD: Thursday

Wednesday, September 06th, 2017 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

CrossFit MSD – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

8min on the clock to:


Every :30 get off and do 50 single skips + 5 scap pull ups

Then start prepping for skill work.


12min EMOM of:

odd- x TTB

even- x strict HSPU

x = a number that is a challenge, but you can maintain across each round without coming close to failing a rep. A number that’s hard, but still allows you work the skill.

Scale as needed. TTB should be linking reps. If this means linking knee to chest or toes close to bar, that’s what you should be doing today. For HSPU, scale to 3-5 negatives (:3-:5). You kick up, slowly lower yourself down till your head touches gently, then stand up kick up and repeat. Or work quality pike HSPU (hips over shoulders).


A1: DB/KB strict press (4x 8-12)

-Rest 1min before A2

:3 lower on each rep.

This is with a DB/KB in each hand while standing.

A2: Ring Rows (4x 8-12)

-rest 2min before A1

:3 pause on chest, :3 lowers.

If rings rows are “to easy” for you, then you aren’t doing them correct. This will benefit everyone, even if you can do pull ups.