WOD: Thursday 22nd of January

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 / CFMSD Workout of the Day


Snatch balance
*Start moderate and build. Focus on a solid lock out and dropping under the bar FAST. Not just a push press and overhead squat.


Rest day


If you want results you need to make the effort, simple as that. If you train 3 days a week, you as an athlete will represent someone that has trained 3 days a week. There’s 24hours in a day, and class takes 1 hour, make the effort to get to the gym and get it done? Even if it is in the morning, and “your not a morning person”, or don’t not turn up because you don’t like wallballs, or your not good at snatches, these things will become easier. Make time to learn these skills. Everybody has to start somewhere and I promise you, if you turn up 5 days a week, you will see the results you want. If you need extra help with your nutrition, supplements or particular movements, please ask a coach.. That’s what we are for.