WOD: Tuesday the 14th July 2015

Monday, July 13th, 2015 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

CrossFit Class

Warm up

3 rounds of:

10 pass throughs

10 OHS (close grip as possible)

10 band pull a parts


Then we will hit some push jerks as a group before going heavy.



Push jerks


*Build weight each set. Focus on fast under the bar and quick lock outs.



3 rounds for time of:

100 double unders

15 shoulder to overhead 60/40kg

Comp group

If possible, try and split weightlifting and conditioning work into two parts. If you don’t have the time that’s fine. Just work fast through and get it done.


A) 12min EMOM of:


*Start around 75% and build to 90% within 5min, rest on the 6th min then repeat but starting heavier and goal is to finish as heavy as possible.


B) 3×3 Snatch Grip Dead at 100% of best snatch weight

*Pause :2 at top of knee


C) Work up to a 2rm Snatch grip Push Press from behind the neck.

*Start at 40% of best snatch and add 2.5-5kg. Build Fast!



A) 3 RFT:

21 Cal Row

15 Box Jumps, 24/20”

9 Power Snatch, 50/35kg


B) 2×1 min Assault bike, 3 min rest

2x:40 Assault bike, 2 min rest

2x:20 Assault bike, 1:20 rest