WOD: Tuesday the 4th December 2012

Monday, December 03rd, 2012 / CFMSD Workout of the Day

Alrighty guys new month and it will be a short one with Christmas and New years coming up so be sure to not miss a session. Put down your goals not only for the month but I want to see everyone put down 3 things they want to achieve in 2013… 

Also Novembers "athlete of the month" is Aryelle.. She has worked very hard this month. Her attendance is way up from normal, her numbers are going through the roof and just her overall motivation and enthusiasm is better then ever. Well done mate, I'm very proud to be your coach… Keep up the good work and finish 2012 of with a BANG.. Also hope your feeling better from the weekend, was great to see you let your hair down and have a heap of fun 🙂

When you see her at the box be sure to get around her and congratulate her….


Research shows us that squatting below parallel is going to benefit us more then it will hinder us. We already know this but thought it may be a great article for you all to share with your friends who think squatting deep is "bad for your knees" blah blah blah 🙂



Deadlifts 100/70kg

HSPU (for rxd no plates or ab mats are to be used)


Log results online (beyond the whiteboard)